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Frankfurt, Germany, January,  16, 2020—In its Vol.57, Nov. / Dec. 2019 issue, the Journal for Electrocardiology has published a peer-reviewed study showing unparalleled accuracy in coronary heart disease screening using Cardisio GmbH’s new screening method. Titled “Cardisiography: a New Rapid, Reliable, and Non-Invasive Tool for the Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease,” the study demonstrates a sensitivity of over 97% in male patients and over 90% in female patients, and specificity of over 74% and over 76%, respectively.

“We see great potential in Cardisiography for early detection of symptom-free people with coronary heart disease. Broad-scale early detection has not been possible until now,” said Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Spiliopoulos, Facharzt für Herzchirurgie, Oberarzt, St. Vinzenz-Hospital, Dinslaken. Cardisio GmbH has developed the unique screening procedure that delivers highly precise results within just a few minutes. It is a non-invasive, independent, repeatable, fast, and cost-effective method of detecting arteriosclerosis in the resting heart. It offers a complementary and more effective alternative to traditional procedures such as stress ECG and echocardiography for early identification of heart disease. People with coronary heart disease are usually symptom-free until the onset of a heart attack. Because the Cardisiography test is so reliable and easy to administer, it has the potential to catch many heart disease cases early, and assures patients receive treatment before a potentially fatal heart attacks occurs.

Cardisio’s product consists of two integrated components: the CardisioGraph, a device for recording the electrical currents of the heart via five electrodes attached to the thorax, and the CardisioCloud, a software application that uses various algorithms and machine learning methods to evaluate the measurements and transmit the results within a few minutes. The Cardisio Cloud app runs on a laptop, connected to the Cardisiograph with a USB cable. For the study, the researchers examined 639 patients who had been admitted to several medical centers in Germany for a cardio angiogram, using this gold-standard examination as a comparison to results yielded by the Cardisiographies. The company’s test system is currently being evaluated in 11 further studies at various European medical research centers.

Cardisio GmbH has begun selling the test system to general practitioners, cardiologists and hospitals in several European countries via a growing network of resellers and distributors. “Cardisio embodies a new generation of medical diagnostic systems that are mobile and Internet-based, taking advantage of the new capabilities of Artificial Intelligence,” said Meik Baumeister, co-founder and CEO of Cardisio GmbH. “The combination of sound cardiology knowledge with intelligent high-performance algorithms offers us unprecedented opportunities. The initial response by practitioners has been overwhelming, and we are pleased that after four years of development, we can now help many people avoid a heart attack.”

About Cardisio

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, with offices in Berlin and San Francisco, Cardisio GmbH is a privately-held mobile health tech company that has developed a new non-invasive, highly accurate screening test for coronary heart disease. The procedure, called Cardisiography, is unique in its method and accuracy. For further information, visit or e-mail

Cardisio is a registered trademark of Cardisio GmbH.

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